My current day job is webdesign but I am a keen amateur naturalist with particular interest in Ecology and Botany I also have a strong interest in gardening for wildlife and habitat creation plus a particular interest in British Prehistory and  environmental and climate change through time.

I share my life with my partner Louise who is an artist and much keener and talented naturalist than me who also has a blog elizabethmills.blogspot.co.uk.

The aim of this blog is to share my personal experiences of local wildlife and opinions about wildlife conservation and hopefully provide some useful tips and information about studying nature and gardening for wildlife.

A small claim to fame is we had a juvenile Two-barred crossbill Loxia leucoptera visit the garden in 2013 for a few days the first record of this species in Lancashire.

I moved into an ex-farmhouse near Cow Ark in 2012 it has a medium sized garden which we are developing into a wildlife garden. The garden is bordered by  woodland to the south and east with open semi improved grassland to the north and west. We are also situated in the middle of a shooting estate.

I am a member of The Friends of Bowland The RSPB and Lancashire wildlife Trust. Past activities have included Archaeology and for many years me and Louise had a garden maintenance business.

I created and maintain two wildlife related websites www.bowlandwildlife.org.uk and www.lancashirewildlife.org.uk both these sites are aggregate blogs, they  download posts published on many separate blogs by wildlife enthusiasts, bird watches, bird observatories and wildlife societies and then aggregate the content together into a single blog. The aim to bring this fantastic information resource and in many cases literary talent to a wider audience and hopefully encourage others to record and publish and share their wildlife encounters. I also hope this site will encourage more people to engage with and learn about their local wildlife.