Too much going on!

Big things have been hapening with the Clitheroe Naturalists, they now have a facebook page and they have revived the Clitheroe Wildlife facebook group they will also be sending out email newsletters if you would like to be included email and if that’s not enough they have published their summer outings programme as a pdf

It has been a hectic few weeks, at this time of year there is just so much going on I find it difficult to keep up this is the time of first, first Bumble Bee first Hoverflys, you get the picture. The most enjoyable thing for me is the return of sound to the garden, the fantastic symphony of bird song in the early morning and evening but more important to me is the hum and buzz of insects.

This time of the year is always a rush in the garden as this is the time for transplanting self sown wildflower seedlings and small plants from the borders into the meadow areas. It is a rush because you have to wait for them to grow enough to be able to identify them but, then get them in the meadow whist the grass is short and the ground still damp. Reviewing the seed sowing I did in early March. I have had good germination with Ladies bedstraw Galium verum , Hemp agrimony  Eupatorium cannabinum, Wild carrot  Daucus carota and marginal success with Crosswort  Cruciata laevipes , Field Scabious Knautia arvensis.

Over the last few weeks have had more Siskins, Red poles and Gold finches than I remember from previous years additionally we have a pair of Pied wagtails and the Gray wagtails are still with us, Long tailed tits still coming to the feeders and we have seen one pair of Bullfinches. In addition to the beeflys, now Bumble bees and Carder bees, hoverflys and queen wasps have reappeared along with various other flys and so far  we have had Comma, Peacock and Orange tip  butterflies. Wildflowers strongly flowering include Primrose and Cowslip. Bluebells are just starting and the Blackthorn has been out about a week.

Out and about the search for spawning Toads still fruitless but a friend of a friend has reported spawn in Osbaldeston.