Sparrowhawk wins a meal and a surprise visitor

Witnessed a Sparrowhawk take a Starling, I was outside changing the gas bottle when I heard a noise behind me, which sounded like a very muffled explosion. In the field behind me was a compact ball of Starlings the ball was much denser than the ball the form when moving around feeding and the sound was much louder. At first I only saw the Starlings and then a fraction of a second later I saw the Sparrowhawk swoop at the ball  from the right with its back to me looking like a fighter plane, part of the ball fragmented with a few Starlings peeling off from the group one in particular headed to the left as the main group headed to the right. The Sparrowhawk with a few twists and dives was immediately on the tail of this one Starling heading left. There was a few microseconds of move and counter move with eventually the Starling flying low over the ground where it was overtaken in mid flight and I lost sight of the Sparrowhawk  with its prize as it went into the trees.

Whilst taking Louise to work we spotted a white bird feeding with the sheep next to the track the bird turned out to be a Little Egret. It was very tame suggesting it was very hungry/exhausted unfortunately we only had the compact camera with us but got a photo from the car to prove it had existed, amazed at how yellow its feet are, which unfortunately are hidden in the grass. Sadly it was gone by the time I got back.

Little Egret
Little Egret

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