Getting ready for Spring

Decided to revamp the pond before any frogs turned up. Last year we had a single male take up residence and over about a week, five lots of spawn appeared. So dug out the waders baled out some of the water into water butts along with some of the pond weed and algae. Then waded in and started digging, managed to deepen the centre by about a foot, so  now it is about one meter deep in the centre when full. I was hoping to add a liner but the pond was filling so fast I gave up on the idea. Not too worried as last summer I only had to top it up a few times though the level did fluctuate dramatically.


Also hard pruned a section of the boundary hedge amazingly this has added about one and a half meters to the wet meadow area.  Important to get this done before any nesting activity starts. The bird ringers visited us on Sunday and over a hundred new birds were rung, mainly Coal tits as usual. The injured Starling is still with us the wing is noticeably still drooping but it seems to be flying OK. A Brambling turned up the day after  the Garden bird watch (typical). Now starting to see a few Siskins and Gold finches. Robins are pairing up, but occasionally make mistakes and attack their partner.

The wild primroses in the stream bed have put out a few flowers but in the garden the only things in flower are the Snowdrops and Dames violet which has never stopped flowering all winter.

Wild Primrose

Discovered today the rats or mice have been eating my chainsaw, my fault for using vegetable oil as chain lubricant.