Big Garden Birdwatch

Highest number seen in the garden at one time

backbirds 4
Blue tit 5
Chaffinch 6
Coal tit 12
Dunnock 2
Great tit 4
Long-tailed tit 10
Robin 4
Starling 1 (this is the injured bird which looks to be getting better it can now fly up into the trees but the wing is still noticeably drooping)

Also seen Nuthatch, Great spotted woodpecker and the ubiquitous Phesants and luckily two Buzzards flew through the woodland bordering the garden. Behind the house there is a flock of about 50 Starlings. Also early this morning saw a wagtail but could not tell which type. The Rabbits have started to venture into the garden to nibble on new shoots starting to emerge I will have to get out the chicken wire cylinders, to protect some of the more vulnerable plants.

Have recently caught and dispatched a couple of rats who had moved into the barn presumably after sheep feed. Unfortunately the rubble filled walls of the barn are continuous with the walls of the house so there is no barrier to them being able to get into the roof space. When we first moved in we had quite a large colony establish themselves in the roof that took some shifting.

Another justification for controlling rats is they have an impact on the small mammal population, I am not happy about using poison because it also poisons Woodmice and Voles which in turn also poisons Owls and Kestrels.