New Year at Crow Wood Farm

Had a quick look around for wild flowers in bloom yesterday and found none. A look round the garden found the following garden plants in flower Dame’s Violet (Hesperis matronalis) Primrose and Wallflower both garden varieties. Over the last couple of weeks a male Sparrowhawk has been a regular visitor sitting on the bird table, in a vain hope his dinner would come to him. Not seen him for a couple of days which is fortunate for an injured Starling that appeared the garden three days ago with a drooping wing and unable to fly. Talking of Starlings every few days large flocks fly directly over the house on their way to roost, possibly they are part of the roost at Blackpool. As they regularly fly directly over the house and sometimes low enough to hear the wing beats, we wonder if our house is used as a landmark. The sound of a flock of Starlings overhead is possibly one of the most magical sounds in nature along with the buzz of insects in a meadow. Went for a walk on Boxing day but the only thing of note was a Hare we disturbed.

Going back to Starlings we have a small flock that feeds in the fields behind our house and we see varying numbers of Redwings and Fieldfares about the fields and hedgerows.

The Friends of Bowland have published their programme for 2017 you can download it from their website