Petition to ban driven Grouse Shooting

Following the online petition to ban driven Grouse Shooting passing the 100,000 mark which now means there will be a parliamentary debate on the subject on 31st October. In preparation for this the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee and Petitions Committee questioned Dr Mark Avery, petition creator, Jeff Knott, Head of Nature Policy, RSPB, Amanda Anderson, Director, The Moorland Association, and Liam Stokes, Head of Shooting, The Countryside Alliance. You can watch this interesting presentation of ideas in full here my personal view is that ecologically well managed Grouse Moors can play a positive role in the mix of upland land uses and the loss of active management could have serious negative environmental consequences. However I do believe if Grouse Shooting and shooting as whole is to have a long term future it must tackle the illegal killing of birds of prey issue.

An interesting perspective on shooting can be found in the following information on the Fieldsports Magazine website and here they interviewed some of the top gamekeepers. A common concern was the intensification of shoots and the constant pressure to supply larger and larger numbers of birds for the shooters.

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    1. No but I would consider myself well informed on both the negative and positive environmental impacts of Grouse Moor management and both the negative and positive impacts of removing that management. But in some cases what is negative and positive is also open to argument!

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